Monday, 10 October 2011

U.S drones Infected: A Virus Infects a Computer Network that Directs U.S. drones

mq-9 Reaper in Flight
A computer virus has infected the computer network that controls unmanned aircraft (drones) from the U.S. Air Force.
Wired magazine reported citing anonymous sources to three, a virus that logs keystrokes infected the network that pilots use to control these aircraft USA used to fly over areas of conflict and conduct precision operations .
The "malware" has infected computers Creech base in Nevada, which controls the aircraft, usually Predator and Reaper models used in remote missions in Afghanistan and other conflict areas.
The magazine said there had been no dissemination of confidential information from the data collected by aircraft, which have continued to carry out their missions without problem. It is not known yet whether the virus is part of an organized attack or if the infection occurred accidentally.
According to Wired, the virus was detected two weeks ago , and has entered into the database via computer hard drives used by pilots to transfer information from one position to another. The computer data base are finding it very difficult to clean the system.
The Air Force is under the supervision of a fleet of 150 Predator and Reaper, which monitors the different fronts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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