Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The CNT Gaddafi puts on the border with Algeria protected by Tuareg tribes

The interim government believes that his son Saif al Islam may be in Bani Walid and another brother, Mutassem in Sirte

The Libyan leader ousted Muammar Gaddafi could be a refugee in Ghadamis area near the Algerian borderUnder the protection of the Tuareg tribes of the area, military sources said National Transitional Council (CNT). 

"One tribe, the Tuaregs, he continues to support and is believed to be located in the area south Ghadamis"He told Reuters a senior military CNT, Hisham Buhagiar. 

On Sunday, eight fighters were killed near Ghadamis CNT due to a attack from the other side of the border with Algeria. Under the new interim authorities Libyan Tuareg nomadic attackers were recruited as mercenaries. 

Gaddafi supporting Tuaregs in gratitude for the support he gave his regime armed uprisings against the governments of Mali and Niger in the decade of the seventies and then allow them to settle in southern Libya.
Also, the sources said the CNT, the politically powerful son of Gaddafi Saif al IslamCould be found in Bani Walid and another brother, Mutassem, could be in Sirte.

Just this Wednesday, the Syrian TV channel Al Rai has released a video in which Seif el Islam speech to a group of armed men. The channel did not specify where the images were recorded or how the tape came to power.

Council forces have occupied the eastern part of Sirte, Gaddafi's hometown.


Monday, 26 September 2011

Economy Crises on Doorstep but A Rebound in the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Who ended up 2.82%

The Tokyo Stock Exchange ended Tuesday up 2.82%, the hope of a future European plan to resolve the debt crisis that supported markets.

The Nikkei gained 235.82 points to 8,609.95 and the Topix, broader, took 19.70 points (2.7%) to 748.55.

Tokyo was closed Monday to a low of two and a half years. The rebound Tuesday is also related to the timing of Japanese markets: the day was the last in which it was possible to acquire debt and be eligible for the dividends of the company over the period April to September.

"Those who doubt that the values ​​will rise further have little incentive to buy, but most titles also reported the dividends, and this attracts many investors," said Kenichi Hirano, Tachibana Securities.

Financial stocks were much appreciated. Mizuho Financial Group gained 1.8% to 113 yen, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group took 4.26% to 343 yen and Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group was awarded 3.42% to 2,148 yen.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Europe and America, Sources of Financial Risk

The global financial crisis is going through its fifth year, according to the accounts of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The deterioration of public balance sheets in Europe and the United States has become a major risk factor for global financial stability.

The IMF showed a lack of progress in the consolidation of public accounts and estimated that this market decline have taken a bill of 200.000 million euros to banks only in the region. To this we must add an additional credit risk of 100.000 million euros in the peripheral economies, which makes a total of 300.000 million euros.

Introducing the "Report on the Global Financial Stability", José Viñals, Director of Capital Markets Department at the IMF, said that increased risk premiums are demanding markets for two years "has had a direct impact approximately 200.000 billion in banks in the European Union. "

This estimate does not include the capital needs of regional banks, because "to have an estimate of the requirements should apply a deep stress test."

According to the IMF, the authorities in advanced economies have not achieved the political consensus around the medium-term fiscal adjustment, there is no positive expectations about the upcoming return of stability in the markets and the financial system.


In the report, analysts Fund reported that the sudden interruption of the flow of investment funds and bonds of emerging markets could be a risk factor for banks in Latin America.

"Banks in Latin America are more vulnerable to shocks in terms of trade, while those in Asia are more sensitive to increases in borrowing costs," it reads.

In accordance with Chapter I of the report, banks in emerging economies in the region are in a more stable and healthier than those kept by financial institutions in America and Europe, however, given the link of these institutions with subsidiaries in industrialized countries could be, in an extreme case, a brake on investment flows and holdings of bonds.

After a series of projections to anticipate the impact of economic and financial shocks on banks operating in Latin America and Asia, concluded the relevance of "lay the groundwork for a more robust financial framework" and the further strengthening of balance sheets banks.


"The world economy needs urgent action"

The U.S. president, Barack Obama, said during his presentation to the United Nations that the world must take "urgent and coordinated action" to rescue the economy.

"We are with our European allies as they restructure their institutions and face their own fiscal challenges," Obama said in his speech to the UN General Assembly.

"In other countries, leaders face a different challenge while (...) put their economies and boost domestic demand while moderate inflation," he said.

Later, Obama met with the new prime minister of Japan, Yoshihiko Noda, the end of the meeting, said that his country and Japan need to continue to promote economic growth.

"As the two largest economies in the world, we must promote growth that can help our people to have jobs and improve living standards," he said Obama.

Noda Obama and pledged to work closely to boost the world economy and promote a strong, sustainable and balanced.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

10 h 17 factory exploded in Toulouse tremble

The first bang ... For some, it's a flat tire noise, others describe a more deaf. The Toulouse have hardly time to wonder, on the morning of September 21, 2001, another bang burst eardrums. Drop ceilings, windows explode. Blood. It's panic.

 At 10 h 17, the September 21, 2001, Toulouse changed forever. We are ten days after the attacks in New York. Each Toulousain think that a bomb has exploded near his home. At home, the supermarket, in his business, near the school ... Looking up to heaven, yet we see an orange mushroom rise in the south ... in the area of ​​chemical cluster.

AZF is just exploding. Hangar 221, which are stored ammonium nitrate downgraded. Instead of the warehouse, a huge crater. Around, the skeletons of buildings, smoke, dust.

The survivors are dazed, in shock. The wounded are haggard and some are still under the rubble, unconscious. "I was on a forklift. I found myself thrown several meters behind the cars. I do not know how I landed here, "said one worker. Employees or subcontractors of AZF, twenty-two are killed by the blast.
Lieutenant Colonel Patrice Gerber, then head of the emergency center at the barracks Boulingrain, is the first firefighter to enter the Toulouse plant. He says: "It was the Apocalypse! At the time, it's hard to understand that we are not in a movie. Operational and reflexes are set up: Our mission is to rescue. "

Joined by other firefighters, Lieutenant Colonel Patrice Gerber advance in the rubble of the factory: "There is smoke. It is not clear. The landscape is lunar. We discover a crater. Then we see the shadows: they are people. They are covered with dust and blood "...

Ten years later, Patrice Gerber remembers the "silence" impressive reign on the chemical cluster. A wall of silence that follows the crash of the explosion. "Our obsession bring quick relief to those people around us we felt trapped under the rubble, and we were told that they were there," says Lieutenant Colonel Gerber. Adding: "Our emergency preparedness culture has enabled us to face the greatest industrial disaster ever known in France since the Second World War."

Around the plant is desolate. Cars smashed on the ring road, roofs torn off houses destroyed, ravaged buildings. Acrid smoke grating grooves. Hailstones rain down from the sky brown: it is the charred grains of ammonium nitrate from the hangar 221 at the AZF factory.

Toulouse shook: as an earthquake measuring 3.3, equivalent to the explosion of 100 tons of TNT. The waves rocking the basements of the city. The psychiatric hospital Gérard Marchant, located opposite the factory, is upside down. In some patient rooms, the ceilings are breached.

In a meeting room fortunately unoccupied, leaving only rubble: the broken glass, like daggers, have rent offices and chairs. A guard at the hospital said later: "I thought it was the end of the world. I walked, arms crossed, and waited ... "

It is not the only one who thought his last hour had come. At the School of Chemistry, on the other side of the bypass, the blast devastated buildings. Berthe Ratsimba, lecturer, is a victim of the blast: "I thought my lungs would implode ... I feel like an insect being crushed. The wall was behind me ... "

At the time of the explosion, the teacher turned back to the window and started into a ball ... "I really thought I was dying. When I left the building, I found myself in a black fog ... to breathe the crap that probably one day will emerge. "

Close to schools, it is terror. The classrooms were destroyed. Luckily, children are at play, and escape, mostly in shards of glass that project like little daggers. It was no exception. Oustalous school teacher to a school near the chemical cluster, Jacqueline Travers remained inside the facility. She made copies, "We had just completed assessments CE2. The children were outside. I took advantage of the break to prepare for work Monday. "

At 10 h 17, the teacher feels the ground tremble: "Scary. Instinctively, I turned around. " This movement was probably saved. The impact of broken glass have reached the back of the head and back. It is blood, but does not see it. Jacqueline Travers think first of children. In the primary, no one is hurt. While in kindergarten, some toddlers were shards of glass. The 'instit' have children leave school devastated, and took refuge on land, waiting parents, distraught.

Gallieni in high school, while he is still in court at the time of the explosion, a high school student was hit by a piece of metal thrown like a rocket from the AZF factory. The body of Mousthoupha Bourra, 24, is literally cut in half. The 24-year high school student, a native of Mayotte, is killed instantly.

Death lurks other Toulouse, as Huguette Amiel, a retiree, who combed his hair in his apartment before going to market. Christophe Esponda, a young electrician EDF does not survive the explosion. A client who is in the lobby of the garage Speedy, another in Brush, an employee of the SNPE, located near AZF, are among the victims. Justice holds the number of 31 dead.

And 20,800 injured. The blast has taken its toll. Speedy the garage, there is only a skeleton structure, the walls are ruptured. The magazine Wallpaper Midi is destroyed. The roof of the restaurant "Le Pic" collapsed. The filing of the Semvat, over one hundred buses are shredded.

The commercial and industrial area that surrounds the AZF factory is destroyed. The districts built in the sixties near the pole undergo chemical explosion head-on. In Reynerie, the Faourette to Papus, the windows exploded, ceilings are falling. The people out in fear. Still the silence of death ... The city stops. The wounded out of their car bewildered, their home. No more bus only runs. The ring is off. As the phone. Chaos. The people of Toulouse are in shock. Some flee. They will pick up their children to school, their spouses at the office. They go home, to discover, sometimes the house destroyed.
Others are spare.

Although himself wounded in the blast, Georges Paillas, employee of AZF is a tourniquet on the arm of a young delivery girl badly injured outside the factory. He saves his life. Volunteer firefighters arrived to lend a hand to their colleagues. Police rest returned to service.

The psychologists of the hospital Marchant found their actions to emergency care for victims. Nurses attached to their patients, major psychotic: they are one with the sick to protect them.

A postmistress, Sylvie Kichenassamy, 44, improvised ambulance. It carries 17 people in his car toward the center of AZF rescue based in La-Croix-de-Pierre, three injured will not survive.

On the streets empty of cars, you see teenagers and they are dusty, sometimes with blood. These are high school students Deodat de Severac seeking to return home. Some will walk for miles.

The air is charged with threats. The lungs are irritated. The fear of a cloud of toxic gas scares Toulouse in the south. They put wet handkerchiefs to their noses. On the radio, a message recommends that they remain confined to their homes. Confined? They have no windows ...

Relief are overwhelmed. And then the ministers arrive. The head of state, Jacques Chirac, too.Night falls on a devastated city, a prey to looters.

In the sky, we hear the sound of helicopters. Anxiety grips the heart of an octogenarian: "I thought it was war."

Sunday, 18 September 2011

European Basketball News: Navarro destroys the French dream

If one were to draw a perfect match would be very close to completing the Spanish national team yesterday in the European final. If one were to dream of an outstanding performance, would be very close to that offered Juan Carlos Navarro, author of 27 points, and voted best player of the final.
Pau Gasol struggles with Joakim Noah and Pietrus 
Pau Gasol struggles with Joakim Noah and Pietrus, yesterday in Kaunas. EFE / Juanjo Martin

At the tactical level, overpowered Spain to France, yesterday itself with all its figures on the track. At the individual level Pump shattered the dreams of the French team with another prodigious performance, close to 30 points, which had touched in the quarterfinals and semifinals, with the brooch he put a dream tournament, possibly the best in his long and successful career in the selection .

France found no antidote Navarro, who was devoted to hammering the ring again and again with a vengeance, nor to stop the blows that came on one side and the other, in a display of offensive basketball in Spain and suggested that involving all players Scariolo.
Calderon was superb, with 17 points and his defensive pairing with Parker. Pau Gasol were huge (17 points, 10 rebounds), Rudy (14 points), Marc (11 points) and so, one by one, all the players who turned Scariolo to maintain the intensity in the game, with an unexpected role for Victor Sada, who barely had role so far, and also to Ibaka, who left all his energy on defense.

Spain dominated from start to finish, and only 26 points from Parker, her role, France prevented kneeling before time, while Noah was wrecked in the battle in the area, dominated his pulse with the brothers Gasol.
RUDY unsportsmanlike / By attitude, intelligence, Scariolo box could have resolved the final in the first 20 minutes, a feat that is only to a few teams acance history.

But an unsportsmanlike foul on Rudy Parker took France out of a critical situation at the end of second quarter, when the team clearly dominated (46-34, m.18) and seemed determined to break the game. This action met with five points (two free throws and a triple) air gave the French team, with an added theft Batum, signed a partial 0-7. That allowed him to get back up and go without an excessive punishment for a relaxing break (50-41), because until that moment the control of the game was only Spanish.

Despite the 14 points that went into halftime Parker Spain closed much of the offensive way with an intense French pressure on the basis of the Spurs. Calderon initiated, which also made him work on defense. Ricky followed and continued Sada. France managed to survive on triples (6 of 10), prepared by Scariolo defense and the physical deployment of Ibaka (five blocks in the first 20 minutes) sealed the Spanish zone.

The selection also always found an alternative to sustain it in attack. Navarro began, continued to Marc Gasol and Rudy Fernandez continued. So Spain, after staging some forgetfulness, took the marker and its benefits came to 12 points, creating a lot of questions on the board of Vincent Collet.

The unsportsmanlike, in any case did not break the concentration of Scariolo players, who returned with more conviction to his original plan and were eroding, bit by bit, the resistance of France, until a triple Pau Gasol took advantage of 16 points (84-68, m. 33) and became the turning point of a match in which France finally threw in the towel.

In the bronze match, Macedonia returned to give an excellent impression, but ended up giving the victory inthe past Russia 72-68 seconds before.