Friday, 20 April 2012

The Windows Store is Exported to 38 Countries

The application store of the future Windows 8 is accessible to developers of 33 new countries.

The Windows Store, the new application store for Microsoft's built in the next Windows, is now available for developers from 38 countries.

The Windows Store on the Launch Pad: 
Since the Consumer Preview Version of Windows 8 was launched, users of the first hour were able to discover Windows Store. As its name suggests, this is a virtual store of applications integrated with the operating system. It works pretty much the same way that the Mac App Store on Mac OS, iOS AppStore, Google or Play (formerly Market) Android.

For the launch of Windows 8 provided at the October happens in the best possible conditions and provides maximum opportunity for users, Microsoft has invited application developers to create their apps for this Store.

The launch of this store, the list of countries covered by this invitation was limited to 5. She now goes to 38 with 33 new countries .

At this time, we can already count some big names in the Windows Store of the French version of the beta of Windows 8. Boursorama, Screenrush, Dailymotion, Larousse, Le Monde, Marmiton ... already downloaded from this Store.

Once downloaded, these apps then appear in the new Metro-type form of bricks. As you can see from the first image in the gallery above ...

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