Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Apple Loses Lawsuit Against Amazon for False Advertising - Latest News

    • Remain unresolved Apple demands regarding a possible violation of trademarks.
    • Apple, whose app store called App Store , filed the suit after his baptize AmazonAppstore 
    A federal judge on Thursday rejected the bulk of the demand for the computer company Apple web against , which he accused of false advertising for giving your virtual application store a name similar to yours.
    Judge Phyllis Hamilton, the district court in Oakland (California),Amazon vindicated in the race , which remain unresolved Apple claims as to the possible violation of trademarks , according to the newspaper Wall Street Journal .
    However, according to Hamilton, the company founded by Steve Jobs failed to show how the use of that word ("Appstore") confounded users , particularly as to whether they were going to the Apple Store or Amazon.
    "Apple argues that as its 'App Store' offers many more applications than the 'Appstore' Amazon, consumers mistakenly think that the Amazon store will offer the same," said the judge in his verdict.
    "There is no evidence that a consumer who accesses the Amazon Appstore expected to be identical to the Apple App Store," said Hamilton, who noted that Apple sells applications for their own devices, while Amazon provides only for the system Google OS, Android .
    In its lawsuit, filed in March 2012, Apple accused Amazon of unfair competition , arguing that the name "App Store" was not used before they launched their service in 2008, and called for a ban on the company to use the term and was deprived of the benefits attributed to it.

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