Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Earthquake in Turkey - Earthquake Survivors in Turkey are Camping in the Cold

In freezing cold, tens of thousands of people spent a second night under canvas tents, in cars or clustered around a few fires in eastern Turkey devastated by an earthquake Sunday .
Monday night, the record of this earthquake of magnitude 7.2 was increased to 279 dead, but hundreds of people are still missing.
The victims are particularly numerous in the cities of Van and Ercis, the regional capital, while the authorities are struggling to get numbers in the surrounding villages.
Grieving families prepare to bury relatives on Tuesday, while others continue to watch with heaps of ruins in the hope that rescue teams search for survivors.
The Turkish Red Crescent has distributed 13,000 tents up and he was prepared to provide shelter to about 40,000 people, although it is unclear exactly how many people have lost everything.
The agency, however, was criticized for its inability to help the people most in need, especially in remote villages, while the nights are frigid.
"We received 25 tents for 150 houses. Everyone is waiting outside, we have young children and we are left with nothing," complained Ahmed Arik, leader Amik, a village reduced to rubble in the vicinity Van.
Images on television, you could see men playing violently elbows behind a truck Crescent to try to get a tent.
"I do not think the Red Crescent has been sufficiently effective in the distribution of tents. There is a problem," responded Huseyin Celik, vice president of the AKP, the ruling party, the antenna CNN Turkey. "I apologize to the people."
Shortly thereafter, the President of Turkish Red Crescent said that 12,000 additional tents would be distributed on Tuesday.
"From today, our people will want for nothing," promised the Deputy Prime Minister Besir Atalay, who oversees relief efforts in Van, became a ghost town despite its million inhabitants.
In the regional capital as Ercis, further north, the aftershocks continue to shake the earth regularly cause panic among the survivors of the earthquake.
With Seda Sezer Ece and Toksabay, Bertrand Boucey for the French service.

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