Sunday, 18 September 2011

European Basketball News: Navarro destroys the French dream

If one were to draw a perfect match would be very close to completing the Spanish national team yesterday in the European final. If one were to dream of an outstanding performance, would be very close to that offered Juan Carlos Navarro, author of 27 points, and voted best player of the final.
Pau Gasol struggles with Joakim Noah and Pietrus 
Pau Gasol struggles with Joakim Noah and Pietrus, yesterday in Kaunas. EFE / Juanjo Martin

At the tactical level, overpowered Spain to France, yesterday itself with all its figures on the track. At the individual level Pump shattered the dreams of the French team with another prodigious performance, close to 30 points, which had touched in the quarterfinals and semifinals, with the brooch he put a dream tournament, possibly the best in his long and successful career in the selection .

France found no antidote Navarro, who was devoted to hammering the ring again and again with a vengeance, nor to stop the blows that came on one side and the other, in a display of offensive basketball in Spain and suggested that involving all players Scariolo.
Calderon was superb, with 17 points and his defensive pairing with Parker. Pau Gasol were huge (17 points, 10 rebounds), Rudy (14 points), Marc (11 points) and so, one by one, all the players who turned Scariolo to maintain the intensity in the game, with an unexpected role for Victor Sada, who barely had role so far, and also to Ibaka, who left all his energy on defense.

Spain dominated from start to finish, and only 26 points from Parker, her role, France prevented kneeling before time, while Noah was wrecked in the battle in the area, dominated his pulse with the brothers Gasol.
RUDY unsportsmanlike / By attitude, intelligence, Scariolo box could have resolved the final in the first 20 minutes, a feat that is only to a few teams acance history.

But an unsportsmanlike foul on Rudy Parker took France out of a critical situation at the end of second quarter, when the team clearly dominated (46-34, m.18) and seemed determined to break the game. This action met with five points (two free throws and a triple) air gave the French team, with an added theft Batum, signed a partial 0-7. That allowed him to get back up and go without an excessive punishment for a relaxing break (50-41), because until that moment the control of the game was only Spanish.

Despite the 14 points that went into halftime Parker Spain closed much of the offensive way with an intense French pressure on the basis of the Spurs. Calderon initiated, which also made him work on defense. Ricky followed and continued Sada. France managed to survive on triples (6 of 10), prepared by Scariolo defense and the physical deployment of Ibaka (five blocks in the first 20 minutes) sealed the Spanish zone.

The selection also always found an alternative to sustain it in attack. Navarro began, continued to Marc Gasol and Rudy Fernandez continued. So Spain, after staging some forgetfulness, took the marker and its benefits came to 12 points, creating a lot of questions on the board of Vincent Collet.

The unsportsmanlike, in any case did not break the concentration of Scariolo players, who returned with more conviction to his original plan and were eroding, bit by bit, the resistance of France, until a triple Pau Gasol took advantage of 16 points (84-68, m. 33) and became the turning point of a match in which France finally threw in the towel.

In the bronze match, Macedonia returned to give an excellent impression, but ended up giving the victory inthe past Russia 72-68 seconds before.

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