Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The CNT Gaddafi puts on the border with Algeria protected by Tuareg tribes

The interim government believes that his son Saif al Islam may be in Bani Walid and another brother, Mutassem in Sirte

The Libyan leader ousted Muammar Gaddafi could be a refugee in Ghadamis area near the Algerian borderUnder the protection of the Tuareg tribes of the area, military sources said National Transitional Council (CNT). 

"One tribe, the Tuaregs, he continues to support and is believed to be located in the area south Ghadamis"He told Reuters a senior military CNT, Hisham Buhagiar. 

On Sunday, eight fighters were killed near Ghadamis CNT due to a attack from the other side of the border with Algeria. Under the new interim authorities Libyan Tuareg nomadic attackers were recruited as mercenaries. 

Gaddafi supporting Tuaregs in gratitude for the support he gave his regime armed uprisings against the governments of Mali and Niger in the decade of the seventies and then allow them to settle in southern Libya.
Also, the sources said the CNT, the politically powerful son of Gaddafi Saif al IslamCould be found in Bani Walid and another brother, Mutassem, could be in Sirte.

Just this Wednesday, the Syrian TV channel Al Rai has released a video in which Seif el Islam speech to a group of armed men. The channel did not specify where the images were recorded or how the tape came to power.

Council forces have occupied the eastern part of Sirte, Gaddafi's hometown.


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